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A little about me...

After working in graphic design for many years, both freelance and agency based, the banks deemed it prudent to make a massive mess of everything.  Back to freelance we go and back to university, whilst the time allowed, to rebuild my portfolio and do something I thought would be useful with my time.

University was stifling to say the least, creativity was to be sacrificed for explanation and having worked in the industry for several years previously this culture (which I understand is necessary to show the tutors and examiners that you are actually learning) seemed counter productive.  Having two months to complete a brief that in the 'real world' would probably require resolution in a couple of days bothered me.  So I left to get back to work.

I'm now able to work on personal and commercial projects that push and extend my professional boundaries, I've found this process more rewarding and enlightening than years in education could ever be.

Should you require more information, here are links to my C.V. in Adobe PDF and MS Word formats:


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...and my work.

"If you can design one thing, you can design everything."

- Massimo Vignelli

Vignelli's statement very is true and I'm always open to a challenge as every element of design interests me. If you need anything visualising, from an office interior to a spoon and beyond, get in touch.

However it's graphic design that enthuses the most and in particular graphic design for print.

The use of print as a form of communication has been around for centuries, whether purely for the enjoyment of the viewer or to convey a specific message.

For the past few years a renaissance of the more traditional forms of print has been growing.  Of these screen and letterpress printing have most evolved.  Initially methods of mass reproduction, we are now seeing these methods being reborn as more specialised craft forms.  More bespoke, smaller print runs as apposed to the soulless product from digital presses and to a lesser extent lithographic presses, which have taken over the mass production rolls.

With the evolution of technology, designing for these processes is something of a dying art, but designing within the constraints of these processes proves an interesting challenge.  Even when printing digitally, knowledge of these methods and their boundaries helps create an aesthetic that, as mentioned in respect to the processes involved, is also having a revival.  How long this renaissance will last is anyone's guess, for my part I hope and think it's here for a while and I for one aim to push the boundaries as far as possible.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project.  From gig posters and flyers, to a full rebrand, I can accommodate most requirements and take you from initial concept through to delivery with ease.

Just in case you need it, here's my portfolio in PDF format:



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